Check In/out is an up and coming popular travel blog for Israeli travelers. I write travel guides about destinations around the world, the brands and services I collaborate with while travelling. I am always on the lookout for new destinations!
My reader base is mostly Israeli travelers in the age range of 25-55 who plan their own vacations and book hotels independently.
I own a professional camera and several different lenses – all photos in the blog are taken by me and my husband and edited in professional photography software. I produce short videos from my travels that reach thousands of people on Facebook.
I operate several social media channels and Facebook groups that specialize in Eastern Europe who get a lot of traction and involvement from my audience.


My name is Shir-Yam and I am a full-time travel blogger and photographer.
I am interested in nature, night life, culture and a local experiences.
I am married to Ezra and I am the owner of a lovely dog. 

Tel: +972 0502698310

Posts In English

My blog is in Hebrew.
However I translate some example posts to English.


I look for collaborations with tourist agencies, hotels, tourist attractions, tourist board and anything that would interest me and my followers.
In exchange I offer full coverage of my experience plus videos and photos that will be portrayed on my blog and social media channels. I especially look for discounts and deals for my audience, on the past it proved itself as rewarding for all parties included.


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